What kids really want

The next chapter in the book (The secret of happy children) was about spending time with your kids.

It talked about when kids are playing up, they are looking for attention.

Even when they are doing things they know are wrong, being scowled is better than being ignored.

I have known this for a long time, the best thing you can spend on kids is your time.

It talked a lot about physical contact and love, and being sincere. All this rang true.

What did alarm me was a graph that said at about 12 kids will pull back from the physical contact …. ouch. This sort of reminds me of my relationship with my youngest brother, he loved cuddles when he was little, but at some stage he found it smothering (I think it was more like 10 though).

I immediately thought M has through 2 of 12 years of this stage, 16% of being a little kid. I felt a small amount of anger against the mother minimising my time over the last 14 months with M. But I quickly separated those feeling, and understand that its about my ex’s mental health surrounding anxiety, and it cant be helped.

It talked about doing things together. I had already worked this one out also. I am keen to find hobbies with both can enjoy. I have recently copied some music to my ipod shuffle, and we (M & I) listen to it at lunch in the park. Its my music (and not the wiggles), so I am a little more interested, and I feel that is a good thing. M sits there, eating, swaying to the music, its ssssooo cute. I caught a small amount on video this week.

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