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the dreaded TV

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

I can even remember my parents hating us watching TV.

The book talks about plugging into the TV, and switching off the brain. With dull eyes and a gaping mouth. The worst part is absorbing everything they see, behaviours, language, emotions. This isn’t parents passing on values, and providing a stable emotional backdrop, its TV influencing kids.

I remember E watching a lot of Beristone Bears – they were teaching real values, had good language, and had an extended family. This would seem OK.

Even ABC tv, with the likes of Sesame Street, should be fine.

I think I’ll make sure I avoid all commercial TV, cartoons, anything that doesn’t the exact right message/values/emotions/language that i want.

I’ll have more videos that do have the correct message.

Clearly books are a huge step up – I’ll role model that one.

Even computer games seem a little better, if not based no carnage, atleast there is interaction.

Social computer might be OK also. Atleast that’s focussing on the stuff of life. Obviously safety comes into it.