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what do we need to teach our kids

Friday, October 9th, 2009

Have you seen these ‘did you know?’ videos ?

I find them highly emotional, and highly engaging. They fire ideas and passion in me. And one new thing – fear and wonder.

Schools aren’t keeping up with the changes of pace. By the time kids leave school, the world will be so different, no one will understand what skills they need.

M as she grows up will want TV, computer games, and online time.

I remember growing up, wanting these things (although online was programming).

How do I influence, manage that. How do I impart values and wisdom. How to I protect M ?

I can’t say – NO. She needs to learn to interact in an online world, that is an important skill.

I have to make sure its balanced with other pursuits, family, excersize, fitness, chores.

I would like to be able to teach her skills, thinking, communication, collaboration, on the web. No matter how much I think I know stuff, I won’t know the current tech and fashionable sites at the time.

What will M need as skills after school ? I assume uni will remain relevant. From what i can see, uni’s  are more flexible, and change their courses reasonably quickly, to address new areas of skills demand.