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The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

I fired my lawyers last week.

They were costing money, and they were too conservative.

I decided that the money could probably be better spent on the kids somehow, like education, holidays, or a house deposit.

I have read lots of case law, read the legislation, and family law just isn’t that complex (IMHO).

The second brush with the lawyers actually yielded some results.

The first was over a contravention, the mother stopped contact for illness of M, claiming she had gastro. Last time this occured the GP said the child was bright and happy and could have attended. Again the GP said the child was bright. I am pretty sure there is 2 breaches of the orders, but this blog is only going to contain light coverage of legal issues. I am basically not taking the breach to court as such so as not to aggravate the mother needlessly. I am likely to draft up the papers, and keep them handy.

The second brush, I was asking for non-adversarial ideas. We came up with the name of a reputed counsellor that specializes in  separation, co parenting.  They even do mediation. So I think we might have struck gold. So I am more than thrilled, that we might have a way forward.