PPP outcomes and learnings

I just concluded my PPP aka triplep course.

The most prominent things I learned included:

– not to focus on the child as wrong/bad, but their actions. So the message is ‘i love you, but you just did a bad thing, you shouldnt do that thing’

– the use of logical consequences, swift, direct, consistent

– if the child is acting wrongly, look first at the parenting, not the child for solutions

– flexibility in thinking. alternative strategies. avoiding and planning for high risk situations.

– focus on rewarding the positive. This was difficult to grasp at first, but I get it now.

Positive Rewards

Say your child is getting upset, and hitting back at the other child.

You can off course punish them everytime it happens. But that is only a partial solution. And the child will need to learn themselves what to do.

The better solution is active listening, and find out why the hitting is occurring. Understand the emotion behind it. And give your child anĀ  alternative strategy when they feel that emotion. Like walk away, telling the other child they don’t like that, telling their parents, getting another toy, deep breathing, etc etc. And when you see that alternative behaviour, reward that achievement.

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