Parenting Principles

To help M’s self image, self worth, self esteem.

For her to feel good about herself as a person

To be physically fit, to understand the value of excersize, to have excersize as part of her life,  this will help with self confidence, body image and self worth. I want to do a lot of role modelling here.

To learn good eating habits, and to understand food. This will help to understand that your body is important, and to be looked after.

To help make M learn to make good  choices, to learn about consequences, and develop her own wisdom.\

I want to help M understand relationships and family. And have that form a good part of her life. Relationships with relatives and family is a controlled safe environment to learn how to interact.

I understand 0-2 is a lot about learning to trust. To trust the people around you will take care of you. To trust the world is a good place.

Its from 2-6 that this self image is mostly built. So the focus needs to be now, to help M grow into the best person she can.

Especially as they head to school, the influences are much heavier, peer pressure/bullying all come up. Issues of fashion and trends etc. So we need a strong base to start to work on these.

By the time she is a teenager, its really too hard for a parent to help mould their child, as other influences become more dominant.

I want to help M build her skills with emotions and communication. I want M to feel I am available to her, to talk, and discuss what she is going through.

A lot of parenting is focussed on the right foundation, so she makes her own right choices for herself. As opposed to making them because that’s what her parents told her. When she becomes a teenager, she will start making her own choices. I need to innoculate her against poor choices, and the evils of the word before she is a teenager. She needs to respect her mind/body/herself enough to choose for herself on things life friends, lifestyle, drugs, etc.She needs to believe in the good things in life, and that she is deserving. When poor choices are presented, her good self needs to assert itself, understand there is a choice, and make the choice that best fits her self.

I want to have strict rules, this protect kids, and makes them feel safe and loved. At the same time, I want M to enjoy choices and freedom within those bounds.

I need to continue to develop the PPP concept of quality time, being small burst of attention when M requests it. And then allow her to let my attention go. But so she knows she can get it when she needs.

I want to be available , approachable, and understanding. I want to employ active listening. This all leads to a relationship where I can share and engage with M when she needs me in her life.

I want to end up ‘on the right side’ of every issue. This means I wont have any overly strong messages, and that she can always come talk to me, even about the worst things.

Building up a body of family values and traditions. This helps a lot with a feeling of a place in life, and connectdeness, and continuity.


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