Hooray its my daughter’s 2nd birthday today

We didn’t really celebrate as such, but we had a nice 2 hours together.

It was one of the best visits yet. M ate well. She played with lots of things, including toys in and out of her new toy box.

Nana skyped us video style. M was a busy bee showing Nana toys. And M got out her bear book to read to Nana (its the only book she seems to enjoy). Nana had a few toys. Its good to have a hip nana that can video skype.

She practiced a bit laying down in her bed. She was so cute, and asked to take her shoes and sox off. Layed down for about 3 seconds, and asked to get up. I wasnt acutally putting her to sleep, but it was good practice for a few weeks time when I move to 4 hours contact.

We glued up a few more photos onto the fridge. This is a blast, M loves looking at the photos on the floor, and pointing to people. She looks for the E photos, she must really love her big brother. Then she points to different photos on the fridge.

M did a drawing and said there was to ‘nanas’ (banana’s). We pretend to eat the bananas, she thought that was hilarious. She actually knows most colours now, so her Mum must be working on that, great work mum.  Then M asked ‘wall ?’ – so we put it on the wall. She has 2 other paintings on the wall, and loves to show visitors both her paintings. If your about to have kids, dont buy paintings to decorate your place, your kids will make plenty.

M sat on me to read a fire engine book. Its a rather odd book, lots of flames, and you seeing the water going onto the fire. But there is no page that shows the fire is out. odd !!

She ate her head off with water melon. Oh does she love that sweet waterynous ? I took quite a few snaps of her eating water melon, and pointing at the photos on the fridge. And a few snaps of her drawing.

No tantrums, no playing up. I said once in the car to ‘not hit the car with stick’. I was even toned and quiet. Didn’t make it a question or request. Made no room for it being misunderstood as a request or a game. I did have to ask twice, but that is her job, to test boundaries, and my job to set them firmly and fairly.

I am organising a party for her in a few weeks, when we have 4 hours. I have pooh bear, plates, cups, hats, horns and invites. I am going to ask on the invite for for 1-2 6″x4″ photos for our fridge.

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