extended family

The book talks about the benefits of extended family.

It also uses ideas of people closer that might like to be involved, other parents, single people, grand parent stand ins, playgroups etc.

This actually sort of ties in with something I heard on ‘body and brain overhaul’. It talked about hedonistic pleasure, these are the more obvious pleasures – like chocolate, partying, alcohol, gadgets, movies, TV.  Elysian pleasure, but it talked about the pleasures of relationships, families, visiting relatives, volunteering, social groups, etc. perhaps reading falls into this category, and perhaps learning about oneself.

Its interesting , as previously, I hadnt given too much weight to that sort of thing.

But more and more, I am drawn to it. I do enjoy my nieces and nephews, and my brothers.

More and more I understand that is what I cant give M at the moment. The small time I have, I cant go and make those connections with M. We cant go to playgroup, or visit cousins, grandparents etc.

E has been stripped of his relationship with me, and my parents, and his step cousins. Its very sad his mother has done this to E.

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