active listening practice

I practiced my active listening a few times now.

A situation where M was a little scared, and wanted me to carry her. Instead of telling her don’t worry. I said ‘oh, you are scared M, I will help you’. But it was a short conversation, as M doesnt really talk.

I tried with one of my nieces, A. She, out of the blue, said ‘I am worried’, I asked ‘about what’, she said ‘her test on sunday’. My immediate thought was to say ‘dont worry’. But instead I asked about what she was worried about, and why, and more details, and asked her how was she going solve it. She gave ideas, and I told her to be more specific with her mum, and dance teacher (its a dance test), and practice those pieces she doesnt feel confident with. It seemed to really help.

I also practiced assertive parenting. A nephew was making a game of his spoon, and levering his plate. His mum told him not too, but indirectly, and gently asked him not too, it was obviously making a game of it. His mum said 8-10 vague ‘please don’ts’. I stepped in , said firmly a spoon is not a toy, removed the spoon and put the plate in the right spot. He didn’t argue, or get upset, but instantly stopped, and didn’t retry the game. awesome.

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